What’s Happening in 2018

I finished a new novel in December -The Music Teachers - and I'm currently searching for a cover. Any ideas are welcome! My goal is to write one short story every month. (the first two inspired by my time in Ukraine) Watch this space for details!

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When a miraculous breakthrough by a 

revered scientist halts the spread of a pandemic, the world breathes a sigh of relief. But the same worldwide audience is stunned as it witnesses her assassination while accepting the Nobel Prize for Biochemistry. click one of the links below to get the novel. Let me know if you are outside the UK or USA





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 Cured is a fast-paced novel about power, greed, and Big Pharma.... The author as written sufficient plot twists to keep one captivated to the end. It is a good read, well worth the price. Enjoy. 

the wordluvver needs you!

If you'd like to see something on my site and you can't find it please let me know. Just for doing that I promise to send you a pdf of my January short story - Peaches. Honey and The Sea 

And if I use your suggestion I will also send you a pdf of  CURED - all for free. Hope to hear from you soon.