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About Me

my name is John DiCarlo - and I'm in love with the power of words. Andy Warhol famously predicted that everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes: thewordluvver aims to do much better. Whether you're building a brand, making a speech or just aiming to get your work out there, you need the right words. Finding them, choosing them and using them - that is what the wordluvver loves to do

I write 

non fiction

blog management  & dynamic web copy  - plus a whole lot more. 


one novel published and one more completed plus short stories coming at one-a-month during 2018

My writing roots

I always wanted to be a writer. Long before I wanted to play football, race cars, be a hot shot entrepreneur or just a plain old hotshot,  my heart told me something else. Writing was the thing that I was born to do.

How I work

Non fiction

Because we are small we can give you close attention - the kind that your business goals deserve'

Here's an example - 

If you want an audience to visit your blog and stay there - not just click, scan and vanish - then thewordluvver.com is the right fit for you. 


will understand you and your audience

write and post your blog

track its performance

from £145 ($197) per month


The road has been long, ramshackle, rich, poor, and littered with dead end distractions (longhand for dreary jobs). But even if I could change it all I wouldn't. Each obstacle and every false start has made me who I am and moulded my voice. If that voice resonates with you, then I'll know that the journey was worth it.

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I don't care how many clients I have. I only care about the relationships I forge

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